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Novo vídeo de Consequence

Mensagem  Leandro em Sex Fev 15, 2008 9:38 pm


Este é o novo vídeo do rapper Consequence.
FEEL THIS WAY pertence ao álbum Don't Quit Your Day Job!
e tem a participação de John Legend. Tá fixe.


Consequence was born in Queens at the dawn of the hip-hop
era, when all of rap's influential early artists were based in the
New York City area. Throughout his career, Consequence gained
credibility not only on the streets with his peers but with the
critics as well. A gifted storyteller, he has a keen and unwavering
sense of what he is all about. His objective realism provides a
clear alternative not only to gangsta rap but also to the watered-
-down and overly calculated pop-rap.

“What I rhyme about is what I see around me, I’m a result of the
hood, my rhymes are a reflection of what I see,” comments
Consequence on his forthcoming release Don’t Quit Your Day
Job on Getting Out Our Dreams/ Columbia.

Consequence received his first big career boost from
the chart topping trio A Tribe Called Quest. As a
kid performing on the streets of his neighborhood
he attracted the attention of A Tribe Called Quest’s
Q-Tip and began running with the Tribe while still
in high school. Consequence appeared on A Tribe
Called Quest’s Beats Rhymes and Life album which
debuted at number 1 on the Billboard Album Charts
in 1996. He co-wrote and appeared on eight tracks;
the track he co-wrote and appeared on with Faith
Evans, “Stressed Out”, garnered significant attention
from fans and critics alike and placed him on the radar
of the power players in the industry.

In the years to follow, Consequence worked
diligently on his craft, establishing his identity as
an emcee separate from A Tribe Called Quest.
The prolific artist emerged with several mixtapes:
The Cons Vol. 1: All Sales Are Final, The Cons
Vol. 2: Make the Game Come to You, and Take
Em To The Cleaners, which was produced and
hosted by Kanye West and also featured artists
such as Common, Talib Kweli, 88 Keys, and John
Legend. The Cons Vol.: The Comeback Kid and A
Tribe Called Quence are his latest mixtape releases.
The chemistry between West and Consequence is
undeniable and Kanye’s involvement is no mystery
as Consequence has always surrounded himself with
and attracted the best in the business.

In 2004, Consequence went on the road as a member
of The Kon Man crew on the "School Spirit" tour in
support of his appearance on the track "Spaceship,"
from Kanye West's Grammy winning and Platinum debut
album The College Dropout. On the track he raps “I don't
wanna ever go back there…So I won't be takin' no days
off 'til my spaceship takes off” - a line reflective of his
fierce determination to make it in the harsh reality
of the music business. He maintains his unique style
and approach to music and life despite all the twists
and turns his career has taken, and that path has
finally led him directly into the spotlight.

In 2005, Consequence journeyed back on the road
with Kanye West for to accompany him on the
coveted “Touch the Sky” tour where he performed
not only his part from "Spaceship," but also his verse
from “Gone” featured on Kanye’s sophomore Platinum
selling album “Late Registration.” The tour, which
ended at the end of the year, also featured the
talented Keisha Cole, American Idol phenomenon
Fantasia, and fellow G.O.O.D. Music artist GLC.

With all of the experience and knowledge that
Consequence has amassed over the past decade,
he is now focusing all of his attention on Don’t
Quit Your Day Job which is scheduled to be released
in the summer of ’06



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